After hosting an 8 year old girl from a Ukrainian orphanage during the 2009 holiday season, our hearts have been opened to international adoption. We adopted our daughter in December of 2010, and while we were there we knew we weren't done. We are now working to raise funds to travel back to Ukraine this Summer! Please consider supporting us either through a donated item, or by purchasing a donated item. Thank you so much! Blessings, J&B

Friday, April 1, 2011

Apple Ipad Raffle- CLOSED!


Behold, the first raffle of Adoption 2011.

We're going back to Ukraine! Our homestudy is DONE. Our dossier is (almost) done.

Now, we just need the funds. (C'mon IRS, process those taxes already!)

Here's the scoop:

$15... 1 chance

$25... 2 chances

$50... 5 chances
What are the chances for? An Apple Ipad of course! (We are offering a non-3G version, but if you win, and prefer the 3G version, we'll include the reciept to a popular box store so you can return it and apply the money towards a 3G version. Since those require contracts, that would make my job a bit tricky...) Click HERE to enter, or simply use Pay.Pal to send it to our account!
Bonus: If you take a chance to win the Ipad, and you blog or FB about this fundraiser, you will automatically be given one free ticket into the pot. Just be sure to let me know...

The winner will be chosen by Miss Ukraine herself... well, the only Ukrainian that lives on our street anyways, close enough... on Saturday April 30 at 8pm EST.

We appreciate all the help! We're on a mission, one we never thought we would be on, but once our eyes were opened, we just could not close them again.

Watch out, Ukraine... Here we come again!


  1. I don't know if I missed one of your posts, but who won the Apple Ipad Raffle? Just curious on who Ali picked as the Winner!! ;-)

  2. @Michelle, see the post above this one :) A local friend won this fun toy!